Dryer Vent Cleaning Franchise FAQ

Why is a DUCTZ dryer vent cleaning franchise the right choice for me?

We’re glad you asked! When you’re looking to start your own franchise, choosing an industry with recurring revenue makes it more likely that you’ll succeed. Everyone with a dryer needs their vents cleaned – a clean dryer vent helps keep homes and commercial properties safe from fire risks. Clean dryer vents also extend the life of your clothes dryer, protect clothing and linens, and increase energy efficiency. DUCTZ has been performing dryer vent cleaning services nationwide since 1989 and we provide our franchisees with the training and tools you need to be successful.

Do I need to be good with my hands?

Nope! DUCTZ dryer vent cleaning franchise owners come from all walks of life and have many different skill sets. The dryer vent cleaning process is easy to learn, and with the hands-on training we provide all franchisees, you’ll quickly become comfortable with the cleaning methods and business model.

Can I open the business by myself?

Yes, you can. DUCTZ provides all franchise owners with best-in-class training and support. DUCTZ user-friendly systems and thorough processes make a successful one-person business possible.

Where will I find customers?

Don’t worry – we’ll help you. One of DUCTZ’s industry-leading franchisee support services is a business model paired with a proven marketing system including all the tools you need to jumpstart your franchise.

Is a DUCTZ dryer vent cleaning franchise scalable?

From residential homes to opportunities in the commercial market – like apartment buildings, universities, hotels, senior living facilities and laundromats – the DUCTZ business model scales very easily.

Can I open a franchise from my home or do I need to open an office?

We’ve designed the DUCTZ dryer vent cleaning franchise to give you the most flexibility possible. Whether you prefer to work from a home office or would like to open a separate office away from home, DUCTZ franchise owners have office flexibility.

How big is the dryer vent cleaning industry?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, dryer vent cleaning is estimated to be a $580 million industry. As you can see, this provides our franchise owners with a great opportunity to make their franchises profitable!

Does the DUCTZ dryer vent cleaning franchise offer any additional services?

We do! In addition to our dryer vent cleaning services, we offer bathroom exhaust vent cleaning and dryer vent upgrades, such as UL-approved dryer flex and dryer wall vents.

What does the training process entail?

DUCTZ dryer vent cleaning franchise owners enjoy all of the training and support services we provide to DUCTZ franchise owners. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn the basics of our business at DUCTZ’s purpose-built training center in Ann Arbor, MI. At the training center, you’ll have hands-on experience with all kinds of real world dryer vents that are installed in most homes. To round out the training, we offer classroom training on business development, business operations, and marketing.